Starting Out...

Welcome! This is new for all of us, but I have a good feeling about it...

I started this website about six months ago with the intentions of displaying the pictures we've been fortunate to make on some adventures over the last few years. I'm also active in several online photography forums/communities, and have come to the decision that I'd like to talk more about some of the places, methods, choices, and gear I use in my photography. Pretty narcissistic, huh? 

My day job is research & analysis (basically a transponster), but I am a weekend adventure seeker.

I spend way to much time researching and planning, but I also enjoy just getting out there and trying things out.  I hope that this blog becomes an interesting location for information on things I've learned or figured out in practice. Some topics I'm thinking about include:

  • Podcasts, Apps, and Blogs I use
  • How far do you need to drive from a city for Milky Way photos
  • Shooting vs FKT - photography while hiking
  • Sony crop sensor lenses on Full Frame sensors
  • Buying/Selling gear on Craigslist
  • My favorite places to shoot
  • Tradeoffs for a point and shoot vs, interchangeable lens camera on an adventure
  • The pros/cons I've found with manual lenses

Who knows what else may be interesting - I'd love feedback, and I hope you enjoy what you read and see!